Why Negative Keywords are Important for Dental PPC Campaigns

When you are running Google Ads, clicks for dentists can be very expensive. It is very important to use negative phrases to pull out potential clicks and their expense resulting from user queries that are not really looking for your services.

One type of query to eliminate are queries that are looking for a specific known dentist that is not you. Using negatives such as blvd, street, corner of, dds etc. can help eliminate the people that are just looking for a specific dentist or their phone number. ‘Phone number for’ is a good negative for the same reason.

Other queries can be people poking around by not near making a commitment. If your budget is especially low you may want to exclude: cost of, price, how much does, cost for implants, root canal cost, etc.

Make sure also to exclude: salary, employment, training, course, job, intern, resume, hiring, etc. Watch your query report carefully and weed out unwanted queries that are triggering your ads. This will drastically, and incrementally, improve the effectiveness of your ad spend.

TAE Central AR can help you navigate your dental marketing needs effectively.

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