• Email marketing can be an extremely effective way to ensure you remain top of mind with consumers and build your brand recognition. As technology continues to evolve and people are inundated with emails daily, there is no doubt that utilizing an effective email marketing strategy is an essential component to remain relevant and successful.  […]

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  • Why Acknowledging Customer Feedback and Reviews Matters for Your Digital Marketing Plan

    Closing the Customer Feedback LoopDigital avenues of access between businesses and their customers are plentiful these days, and no matter what your business sells, customer feedback and reviews matter now more than ever.  Making the most of these interactions is an essential part of any savvy digital marketing strategy, as two-thirds of online consumers say they reference […]

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  • The Benefits of a Brand Explanation Video

    In today’s busy world, attention is its own form of currency, and sometimes a single medium just doesn’t catch the attention of drifting digital eyes. The average online attention span is just eight seconds, an incredibly short amount of time for a brand to make an effective impression. One solution that’s taken the business world by […]

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