The Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing

One of the most common complaints business owners make about social media marketing is that putting your business on the social media platform is that the platform is so…well…public. When you run a great marketing plan, you can go viral and gain followers as well as customers. If you mess up…everyone, including your competitors, will know about it. So, if you are a business owner or manager, how can you delve into social media without

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Google Broad Core Update

Google Broad Core Update: What Website Owners Should Know

You may have heard of Google broad core updates and if you’re like a lot of website owners this can cause some anxiety and have you questioning whether your site’s SEO may be negatively impacted or it will stand the test of the oh-so-intimidating broad core update.  So what is a broad core update? These are Google broad core updates rolled out every few months with the specific purpose to improve search results and make

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reputation management

Succeed With These Reputation Management Techniques

Knowing what to look for makes it easy to understand how reputation management works. These tips will guide you on how to manage your reputation. Slow down; taking care of your reputation ensures your future success. A powerful offense is usually the best defense to deal with people having a negative opinion of your business. Positive testimonials are an excellent way to let others know about your business. To disappear negative feedback, keep the momentum

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Dos and Don’ts to Remember When Creating a New Website

Whether you’re creating an all new website for your burgeoning business or launching a new website to revamp an established brand, it always feels like a daunting task. It’s virtually a blank slate and you need to decide how you would like to fill it, and with what.  That’s why we want to take some time to break it down for you, to ease your anxieties and help you through the process. First off, you

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Why Negative Keywords are Important for Dental PPC Campaigns

When you are running Google Ads, clicks for dentists can be very expensive. It is very important to use negative phrases to pull out potential clicks and their expense resulting from user queries that are not really looking for your services. One type of query to eliminate are queries that are looking for a specific known dentist that is not you. Using negatives such as blvd, street, corner of, dds etc. can help eliminate the

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13 Ways to Improve Your Site’s SEO

Let’s face it. For many companies appearing high on the list of search engine appearances is make or break. Search engines, namely Google, can have a tremendous impact on brand awareness, industry influence and your bottomline. So, what does this mean? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, should be a priority for most, if not all, competitive businesses. Sure, your product is better than the others, but no one is going to know about it if

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